18th of January 2015

Taking A Month Off & Other Notes

We sent this to the email list a few weeks ago, posting it here now. Why you should be on the list:   “A few quick things: 1. The podcast passed 1 million downloads on December 16th. I don’t think we talked about that in any of the emails, so thanks guys, we really appreciate the support. 2. And […]

31st of December 2014

Q&A: How long do I wait to text a girl?

The idea that you should wait a long time before texting or calling a girl after getting her number is wrong; you should text a girl when you feel like texting her. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin explain why it’s dumb to play games, and tell you what you need to do and what you need to avoid when first texting a girl.

30th of December 2014

Q&A: How Do I Stop Being So Sensitive About Perceived Rejection?

Sometimes a woman may do something that you perceive as rejection, but it’s not actually a rejection. If you have a negative mindset and always assume the worst, you’re going to have trouble with dating and relationships. In this episode, Tucker, Nils, and Charlie why a woman might try to reschedule a date or otherwise change plans, what the correct way to response is, and how to improve a negative mindset so that you will be more successful with women.

29th of December 2014

How To Be Attractive To Women, Pt. 13: How To Move Your Body (Physical Movement)

How you move is a key indicator of your sexual fitness, and by developing and displaying physical skills in ways that matter to women, you will become significantly more attractive. In this episode, Tucker and Geoff explain why women find physical skills attractive, how to find skills that interest you, and how to display your physical skills to attract women.

23rd of December 2014

Q&A: I Have Excessive Body Hair, How Should I Groom It?

While some women like hairy guys, others don’t. If you’re trying to tailor your look to get the most interest, the less hair the better. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin tell you how to determine what your partner likes, and give you some simple grooming tips to maximize how attractive you are to women.

22nd of December 2014

How To Be Attractive To Women, Pt. 12: Get In Shape (Physical Health)

Improving your physical health is one of the easiest things you can do to become more attractive to women, all it takes is some simple diet changes and a little exercise. In this episode, Tucker and Geoff explain some misconceptions about health and fitness, what type of body women find most attractive, and what you need to do to get that body.